Oracle applications – order management tables and its details


This is available in metalink and many internet sites. Since I felt it handy reference, I have reproduced the contents.

Order Management Tables.

oe_order_headers_all 1 record created in header table
oe_order_lines_all Lines for particular records
oe_price_adjustments When discount gets applied
oe_order_price_attribs If line has price attributes then populated
oe_order_holds_all If any hold applied for order like credit check etc.

oe_order_headers_all Booked_flag=Y Order booked.
wsh_delivery_details Released_status Ready to release

Pick Released
wsh_delivery_details Released_status=Y Released to Warehouse (Line has been released to Inventory for processing)
wsh_picking_batches After batch is created for pick release.
mtl_reservations This is only soft reservations. No physical movement of stock

Full Transaction
mtl_material_transactions No records in mtl_material_transactions

wsh_delivery_details Released to warehouse.
wsh_new_deliveries if Auto-Create is Yes then data populated.
wsh_delivery_assignments deliveries get assigned

Pick Confirmed
wsh_delivery_details Released_status=Y Hard Reservations. Picked the stock. Physical movement of stock

Ship Confirmed

wsh_delivery_details Released_status=C Y To C:Shipped ;Delivery Note get printed Delivery assigned to trip stopquantity will be decreased from staged
mtl_material_transactions On the ship confirm form, check Ship all box
wsh_new_deliveries If Defer Interface is checked I.e its deferred then OM & inventory not updated. If Defer Interface is not checked.: Shipped

oe_order_lines_all Shipped_quantity get populated.
wsh_delivery_legs 1 leg is called as 1 trip.1 Pickup & drop up stop for each trip.
oe_order_headers_all If all the lines get shipped then only flag N


wsh_delivery_details Released_status=I Need to run workflow background process.
ra_interface_lines_all Data will be populated after wkfw process.
ra_customer_trx_all After running Autoinvoice Master Program for
ra_customer_trx_lines_all specific batch transaction tables get populated

Price Details
qp_list_headers_b To Get Item Price Details.

Items On Hand Qty
mtl_onhand_quantities TO check On Hand Qty Items.

Payment Terms
ra_terms Payment terms

AutoMatic Numbering System
ar_system_parametes_all you can chk Automactic Numbering is enabled/disabled.
Customer Information
hz_parties Get Customer information include name,contacts,Address and Phone
Document Sequence
fnd_document_sequences Document Sequence Numbers
Default rules for Price List
oe_def_attr_def_rules Price List Default Rules
End User Details
csi_t_party_details To capture End user Details

Sales Credit Sales Credit Information(How much credit can get)

Attaching Documents
fnd_attached_documents Attched Documents and Text information

Blanket Sales Order
oe_blanket_headers_all Blanket Sales Order Information.

Processing Constraints
oe_pc_assignments Sales order Shipment schedule Processing Constratins
Sales Order Holds
oe_hold_definitions Order Hold and Managing Details.

Hold Relaese
oe_hold_releases_all Hold released Sales Order.

Credit Chk Details
oe_credit_check_rules To get the Credit Check Againt Customer.
Cancel Orders
oe_order_lines_all Cancel Order Details.

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Sales Order cancellation table
finding items belonging to a price list ORDER MANAGEMENT
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How to close an Order in Oracle applications
oracle “Shipping Data Flow”
wsh_new_deliveries + wsh_delivery_details + oe_order_headers_all
Oracle Apps Ship confirm
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Unable to find shipment line for Trip Stop
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Order Management Cancel Reason Code table
Joining between orders and install base in oracle apps
Oracle link OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL to Customer Name
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Alithia Aguire
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Price List Update + OM +Oracle Apps
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Setup Document for oracle field service
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Oracle API create Order in Order Management
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Slaes order line is in picked status but unable to shipconfirm it
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Order Change Reason, Oracle Apps
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Sales Order is on Credit Hold oracle applications?
Oracle Apps Service Contract
order lines table query taking time + oracle applications
relation between oe_blanket_lines_all and oe_order_lines_all
Oracle applications+Staged/Pick Confirmed+relation between wsh_delivery_details+mtl_material_transactions
Discount code order management table column
oracle apps modules important tables
oracle apps – to apply hold after ship confirm
base table for link with payment reason code + APPS
flow of sales order creation in Om +oracle application
free download oracle 12i student guides
query to get records that will be processed by oracle interface trip stop
Order Management Tables + Oracle
sales order table Oracle
order management drop shipment in oracle apps
“Sales Credit” R12 Sales Order Window
ship confirm a sales order in Oracle Apps?
Bill to ship to query from service contracts
oracle apps order details
om modules in oracle apps+tutorial
how to cancel sales order pdf oracle
Oracle r12 Order Entry/Shipping User’s Guide
job statuses “Released” and “On Hold” query in apps
interface trip stop logic in OM
ship to location in oracle apps
sales order type in oracle apps 11i
Oracle apps Reservation interface coding
oracle apps documents(order management)
oracle sales online order details
relation between ra_customer_trx_all and oe_order_headers_all table
Oracle OM and AR link
find the invoice number date of an oracle sales order
how to cancel sales order oracle pdf
cancel sales order oracle pdf
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oracle order management table list
Customer and order tables in oracle
different types of commodities in oracle apps inventory
api oracle order management delete
OM Interface tables in oracle apps
oracle order line status flags
oracle application order management user guide process flow
oracle order entry Interface
oracle query to find customer bill to address
GL Base Table link with the other modules in Oracle APPS pDf
oracle order management pick release scheduled ship date
different Sales order lines status Oracle apps
oracle applications R12 item to orders tables link
mtl_material_transactions wsh_delivery_details
query for sourcing rule in oracle apps
Po shipments table in oracle r12
oracle apps technical guide in inventory
Why sales order is being hold in Oracle Apps
base tables in oracle apps
Oracle Apps + order Header Status Closed
important tables in om in oracle appps
oracle order management changes in R12
tables of OM in oracle apps
base tables oracle apps
ra_customers hz_parties
credit check rules in Oracle Apps
link Sales Order to Work Order, API
Shipping details in Oracle Order Management tables
items picked in oracle apps
link mtl_material_transactions to order
release credit check hold API in Oracle Apps
order management in oracle apps tutorial
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oe_price_adjustment oracle
mtl_material_transactions and order tables
base tables for ar invoice in oracle apps
transaction type “sales order pick”
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Sales order holds table in oracle
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