About Us

This blog is managed by two IT students from Paris who decided to open this site to train our knowledge and skills about computing, programming and software knowing. We decided to make posts about what interests us, to review all kind of applications, gadgets and technology equipment here. We are going to share advice and opinions about what and why some software is better then another and so.

There can come some chilling related article for example about computer or mobile games. Because all of us geeks likes to play games a lot, especially online games like MMORPGs, FPS online or something short like soccer.
Anyway we will try to be active as much as possible but sometimes we can stuck for some time, depends how we are busy doing our main work which for now is studying for college.

We are glad you decided to stop by and visit our site which motivates us a lot to continue doing this and bring you more stuff about tech and gadgets in future!

And this is in short what we have to tell about us. In future we might update this page with some longer article when be become more successful (: