Microsoft Store Will Allow Windows-10 Apps To Be Installed Across Your Devices

Microsoft central is pretty busy these days as they are about to implement a significant update on their systems that will allow users to install remotely any apps in all their Windows 10 devices using the Microsoft Store website.

Microsoft Store

The basic premise is to go to the web page for any app you may have installed on your devices. Once you locate it, you will be offered an option to install the apps your devices using a widget button. If you click on it, a list of all the devices associated with your Microsoft account will appear, and you choose any of them to have the app installed on.

Testing the Grounds One Step at a Time

The feature has already been reported successful for a few users, but it seems the company is still testing the grounds before taking the big leap with all of them. It makes sense since Microsoft appears to be treating Windows-10 with kids gloves after the fiasco that was Windows-8 and the number of users that still use Windows-7, an OS they are about to leave unattended.

Many users are expectant of such a feature, many of them have been expecting something like this for a long time, but Microsoft seems to have a lot more of tweaking to do to the new functions. Some tests have reported that sometimes it takes as long as fifteen minutes to install something basic such as Netflix.

Something Old Becomes Something New

While the feature is good to have, this is not a groundbreaking development by any means. App stores such as Google’s Play store has been offering a similar option to remotely install almost all their apps across all the Android devices that use a single account, Microsoft used to this on their line of Windows smartphones until not so long ago.

Even if it’s not the most significant innovation in the tech field right now, this is certainly a welcome addition for Windows-10 users and a useful shortcut for people use their Window-10 account in different pieces of hardware. The feature has been tested since the beginning of 2019, and so far the majority of the feedback seems good enough for the company to move forward.

The Additional Efforts of Microsoft to Keep Their Customers Satisfied

Coming along with this new option is also a reorganization of the Microsoft Store. The web-based store will also feature a number of new departments, and a drop-down menu where users will be able to make clear distinctions among the many product categories found on the site, there will be an option to highlight daily deals. The functionality of this feature is being tested as well.

There is currently a major update scheduled for April of 2019 on Windows-10, the new additions are expected to make the OS more useful and secure by introducing features to save you time, increase the functionality and help the user to focus on tasks that need completion on working machines. Windows 10 is still regarded as one of the best versions of the OS, and each update has consolidated its popularity.