What Programs are Needed to start a Website (Windows OS)

Website BuildingWelcome to our first guide here! Today we’ll discuss about what programs are required if you are an Windows user to make your first website and put it alive on internet.
We’re going to mention tools we are using when making sites. Someone else might use different programs. Testes are different from person to person.

1. Website platform (CMS) to choose
This depends for what purpose you’re building site for. If it’s gonna be some small with one or few pages site which you’ll use just to present your business online then no CMS is needed at all, just some basic html website.
However if you plan to build a large site, like forum, then CMS like MyBB, vBulletin and such are required, except you are some high skilled level programmer to build one unique content management system for yourself.

However if you’re beginner and don’t know much about designing and creating website parts then we recommend to go with WordPress as it’s most used website platform in the world. (Over 25% of all exist sites use it. WordPress is not just made for beginners, but for everyone. Even professional companies use it. We use it for this blog too. If you want to make blog there is no better option then it which takes 1st place. After wp comes Google’s Blogspot, which is great as well. But WordPress have more options and it’s more user friendly, and there is a lot more themes for it as well.

If you go with making a site no use of any CMS then you need to learn programming languages for building websites: html and CSS. The best place to learn them is w3schools.com

2. Graphics Editing Software
A website with no logo, header or any image at all inside it looks very empty and old looking today. So you need to have them on your site if you don’t want your visitors leave immediately after they landed on your page. A good catchy logo or picture can be crucial bait to convince your visitors to make a purchase or lead on your site.
We recommend Adobe Photoshop software for all graphic works you’ll need if you want to be a webmaster. Don’t need to explain why, as it’s No.1 graphics editing tool for decades.
To learn how to use it will take some time. As it have tons of options and you’ll probably need a good source of tutorials to gather knowledge and of course just practice and practice. There are many good tutorials on internet to learn Photoshop. Just Google search and you can’t miss it.

3. It’s not required but very useful to have: Notepad++
This is much advanced version from normal Notepad which every Windows already have it installed. Notepad++ can recognize every webpage language and when you write or edit your site code it will warn you if there are any errors or typos inside. So it’s very useful to have it if you’re a webmaster or programmer, because aside from website languages it recognize coding languages as well.

So that would be it. Not much programs are needed to make a website as you can see. But what is needed is a good amount of time, especially if you’re beginner. To get used to them and learn to operate with. It will take some time but if you have a will and like to create new things you’re gonna enjoy it, trust me!

Thanks for reading and good luck with creating your first site.
If you need some help feel free to post below and we’ll be glad to help you out!