How to Run Downloaded Game Without Burning it on a Disc

Today there will be some newbie guide here for those who are let’s say still beginners when it comes to getting along with computing stuff.
Most PC players who just purchased their computer think (especially if they were previously just console oriented gamers) that they need to burn certain game downloaded from internet on a DVD/CD disc to run it. This can work as well of course. But there is no need to waste a piece of disc here when you can play your desired game completely same with having it stored on your hard disk drive.
Here is a easy guide how you can do it. Watch and learn.

You need to have a program which mounts an image file (.ISO extension, or shortly called “iSO”), this is a most common file of all downloaded games. Always make sure your desired game you wish to download is in ISO file format.

Once you have your game, now you’ll need program which mounts this ISO file and makes it like it’s already into your disc drive, but actually it’s not. That’s why these program are made.

Download either Daemon Tools or PowerISO. Both works same. I use PowerISO for myself because I get used to it and it’s more simply for me. Daemon Tools is good choice as well. There are many other similar tools like these but these two is what I recommend and as well most rated ones of this kind by internet users.

Once you’ve installed this software, go to Options(tools) menu and select “Mount Image” option. Now choose your game ISO file here and press OK. (See how it looks in screenshot below)
PowerISO Mount Image
Now you need to go to My Computer and your game will be within Devices tools like you input disc into your machine. Just double click it or hit a right mouse click and choose Open. Your game will star now.

Done. Enjoy playing!